Women Empowerment

Ludhiana. Concerning women empowerment and creating the awareness pertaining to personal hygiene, “Sambhav Hai” organized a program here at Ludhiana.

Among around 30 female participants, Mrs Priti Sharma, program and state incharge, told that in india, around 32 crore females are not able to get a complete nutrition and that is one of a prime concern leading to various disease and complications among ladies.

In an effort to make the female segment aware about the importance of personal hygeine and among kids concerning the “good and bad touch”, a session was conducted by Mrs Sonam Sareen, Ludhiana Coordinator for the group.

Mrs Priti Sharma told that it is extremely important to educate the children concerning good and bad touch, which is quite important for them, in order to know whats right and wrong for them.

Mrs Sharma further told that “Sambhav hai” as an organization is dedicated for all such efforts and executes such events on regular basis. Chairman of the organization, Mr Anupam Gupta, has further created a new platform under Digital India and Child Education which will continue its effort for bringing awareness among kids and mothers.

Concerning women empowerment
Sambhav Hai Foundation Pickle
Sambhav Hai Women mission to create empowerment for women in rural areas

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