About US

Sambhav Hai Foundation.

Sambhav Hai Foundation is founded in year 2015 , starting with a select few villages across North Indian states. In just a course of two years, we have received accolades and support from the noted governments of Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, among others.

Sambhav Hai foundation actively participates in the upliftment of women, children and the rural fragments of India. However, wherever there is a need, Sambhav hai is always up to take the cause and change the world around it! We understand that there is a wide plethora of crisis facing us, be it poverty or hunger or gender bias; but the Sambhav Hai foundation prides itself upon an array of individuals who now and again prove that the world despite all its issues has a lot of humanity as well.

All we need is the valuable support from the masses, as we continue to foster sambhav hai into a self-sustaining family.

Garden of Love

School Adopted By Sambhav Hai

Hello we are Karan and Saskia we have an old approx. 80 year old mud-house in Darang district Kangra. The plan is to fix the house in a natural way. We are an registered charitable trust called Garden of Love and are planning to open the house for the children and community around to play, learn and explore.
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Bhagya Vidhata

Our quest
Teacher for all seasons… A “teacher” or “guru” is the one who can always leads towards the light of freedom, joy and happiness ! A good teacher will make you realize the value of “education” which is the most pious in the world ! He/she will silently hold your hand and drag you towards the path of right, the path of good deeds ! 🙂
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I Am A Champion

Our quest
There is hero hidden in every one of us is born with special qualities. But, these qualities are given in the form of potential. It is the duty of everyone to discover this potential and make it an actuality through wise planning. Everyone is required to play a heroic role in society. But, an individual can do so only when he discovers his unique quality and tries to realize it through objective planning.

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